Ian Dunlop


“I met Gram Parsons in '65, worked and wandered

with him for several years. During our time together in the 'International Submarine Band' we strayed like mavericks, away from the rest of the herd, and ignored the warnings and advice from those who suggested that we should stop singing that awful country & western music and get in-line with the psychedelic '60s. We didn't listen and kept-on going wrong”.


                                   Ian Dunlop



'Uncompromisingly honest, refreshingly handmade, and

delightfully free from any airs and graces.'-DP, Rock Society Mag.


'Ian Dunlop's most recent CD- A delightfully relaxed groove and jam-packed with his customary mix of humour and pathos.'

                                                                         -Colin Hill, Pygtrack


'Exceptional! Ian Dunlop's songs put this country and especially the modern-day South under a microscope, and then "blows it up real good." It's steamy as a Georgia swamp.'

                                                                           -Will James, GIN


'The devil is in the details, they say. Singer-songwriter-prankster Ian Dunlop plucks plenty of them from his musical bag of tricks to excellent effect: chirping birds, train whistles, car wheels on a gravel road, barking dogs, Dobro, pedal steel. Such sonic elements add color to his crafty lyrics and lived-in vocals. The Oracle’s collection of catchy songcraft take listeners on an off-the-beaten-path American journey.'

  -Holly George-Warren, two-time  Grammy nominee and author


'I couldn't stop playing it!'                     -Val Baker, the Source fm












' 'Really enjoyed your show..a fine evening!!  Sure to be playing more of your music on my show.’                                 -Steve Friend, Phonic fm


 'A memorable evening , nothing but good feedback.  Thanks for such

an enjoyable performance.'                  -Alison Werren, #8 Promotions


'Listening to the Oracle CD. The poet was at home when you wrote these tunes, I'm loving it. These are going to get played.'

                                                                            -Ajf Roberts, Bay Radio


'I enjoyed your show, it sounded great. Really liked hearing your wonderful stories and anecdotes.'            -Mark Armitage, Phonic fm


'The Oracle is an album of vignettes and slices of American life in the Deep South. This is an album that rather than assaulting

your earlobes seeps into your soul.'    -Richard Penguin, Future Radio


'Often, to be honest, I find by the time it gets around to a second set, I've had enough of most people. Ian keeps the pulses racing all the way along, I was sorry when he finished.'          -Julian Piper, Promoter


'Ian was one of the California desperados who kick started country rock his zany take on the world is as opiniated as ever, it all hangs together, entertaining as you'd expect from an old hand.'    -J.P. Acoustic Mag.