Ian Dunlop


“I met Gram Parsons in '65, worked and wandered

with him for several years. During our time together in the 'International Submarine Band' we strayed like mavericks, away from the rest of the herd, and ignored the warnings and advice from those who suggested that we should stop singing that awful country & western music and get in-line with the psychedelic '60s. We didn't listen and kept-on going wrong”.


                                   Ian Dunlop

In England, in 1980, Ian created Ian & Muscletones who performed in the UK between 1981-’83. As well as receiving rave reviews from the music press, both John Peel and Alexis Korner  championed the album - 'Human Sacrifice'.


Between 1984-’91 Ian worked in London with Russell Murch and  his eccentric band ‘the Avant Gardenerz’ ( 2 x Albums): And put together ‘the Babble-on Babies’ performing and recording a mix Country/Cajun/Comedy music.


In 1991 Ian returned to the US to write and record in Nashville with Jon Corneal (ex ISB, Pocco, Flying Burrito Bros.).  Their CD ‘Back at Home’ was released in 1992 and re-released in 2011.



“I have been in a place on the edge of music for decades, it's just worked-out that way. On an alternative road, in and out of the music biz, I have met and worked with some very creative,

unusual and inspiring people. There is a lot going on outside of the main-stream”.  Ian Dunlop


The ISB and the Burrito Bros. both failed to reach a substantial audience but in the last twenty years their recordings have been re-released and achieved cult status.












Ian formed his first band ‘the Refugees’ in the late 1950s. By the early ‘60s the Refugees graduated from being a garage band to playing the college circuit in the Boston area and opened-up for some of the classic acts of the time; Roy Orbison, the Shirelles, the Crystals.etc.

Godfather of Alternative Country and Americana


In 1965 Ian Dunlop founded 'The International Submarine Band'  and, along with his friend and bandmate Gram Parsons, changed the face of American popular music.  Acclaimed as the first alternative-country band. Ian and Gram led the vanguard of Americana music that was to influence many of their contemporaries and future generations of musicians.  


Following the split of the ISB and Gram's collaboration with the Byrds, on the seminal Sweetheart of the Rodeo,  they went on to work together in an early version of the ground-breaking ‘Flying Burrito Brothers.’ and remained friends until Gram';s tragic and untimely death in 1973.

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In 2008,  Ian began writing, recording and performing again , making solo appearances in the UK, working on film sound tracks and embarking on his first US tour for  years. Since then Ian has regularly toured in the US twice a year.


Ian is a masterful storyteller and his performances are notable for his ad lib links, wickedly sharp wit and wry observations of life.

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He also regularly performs readings from his book Breakfast in Nudie Suits - the story of a bunch of musical desperados fighting the business, audience indifference and musical prejudice as they played a new kind of country.


The book has been critically acclaimed and reviewed by BBC Radio 6 - Mark Radcliffe, Uncut magazine, The Independent and Time Out - New York


An accomplished artist, Ian also often exhibits his music-themed, lurid, artwork at galleries and festivals where he performs.